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by Laura Isabel Figueroa

From Oppression to Liberation is a true story of resilience, love and healing. It shows us how a human being is capable of overcoming personal traumas, fears and other challenges to achieve their dreams.

Comments from first readers:

“It is a garden of inspiring experiences."

“A labyrinth of emotions.”

“A balsam for the soul.”

“The end of an odyssey.”

“A tribute to love.”


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Laura Isabel Figueroa

Hello! I am Laura, author of the book From Oppression to Liberation. I was born in Guatemala, where my mom taught me my first letters when others thought that I would never learn how to read and write.  I graduated as a teacher for elementary school and came to the United States at age twenty-one to redesign my life. Along my journey, I endured traumatic experiences that deeply wounded my soul. I had to learn how to heal from the injuries of my past and overcome my fears to rise from the ashes of pain and despair. I have been serving in the HIV field and motivational speaking for community based organizations and global companies for the last twenty-five years. I earned a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Business. I love writing and decided to publish my book to fulfill my life’s purpose: to inspire people from all walks of life to live to their fullest potential. 



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